How To Recognize Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer?

The early diagnosis is crucial for a successful healing process of any disease, and that also goes for testicular cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that testicular cancer is mostly malignant and that the survival rate over the past five years was about 99%. Half the cases of testicular cancer occur in men aged between 20 and 35.

The most common symptoms which may indicate a testicular cancer are increased or decreased testicles, their hardening, feeling of weight, back pain and swelling of legs. Rarely there is a testicular torsion with severe pain, and signs that the disease has advanced can be shallow breath, bloody cough, and in rare cases headaches and bone pain.

The pain in the lower part of the stomach should not be ignored, because it can be another symptom, so it is necessary to go to the doctor in time to determine the cause. It is believed that a man should perform self-examination every month.

It is recommended to do so after showering when the scrotum is relaxed.

Gently feel both testicles, and if you notice hardening or a lump the size of a pea, call your doctor. Changes in shape and size of testicles should also not be ignored. With frequent self- examinations you will know how to recognize odd changes in testicles.

Not every change represents mandatory symptom of testicular cancer, but it is necessary to regularly check yourself and get the habit of visiting a doctor.

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