A ‘Super-food’ That Prolongs Life Was Discovered, And… It’s Delicious!

Scientists have finally discovered a link between probiotics that can be found in cheese and longevity.

Bacteria – Propionibacterium freudenreichii, created in the process of cheese fermentation, can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammations in the body. The same bacteria can be found in milk, and it is also known that it slows down signs of aging.

A study that was done at the Korean University in Seoul, and it showed that this kind of probiotic really can boost your immune system, and have a positive influence on your whole organism. Yes, you can finally eat cheese without feeling guilty about it afterwards, but in moderation.

Anyways, a previous study has shown that cheese can be good even for our hearing.

Experts believe that cheese contains a chemical substance, which can be beneficial in treating people who had gone deaf due to loud noise exposure. Scientists have tested 600 soldiers suffering from hearing problems, who have been eating cheese daily, and found evidence that this probiotic can help in creating a return signal to the part of the brain responsible for hearing.

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