10 Facts About Breathing

Did you know, for example, how much air does an average adult breathe in every minute?

1. Research has shown that slow deep breaths reduces stress significantly.

2. Average adult person breathes in and out around 6 liters of air every minute.

3. Breathable air contains 78 percent of nitrogen, 21 percent of oxygen and 0.04 of carbon dioxide, and around 1 percent of other atmospheric gases.

4. When we breathe out the air consists of 78 percent of nitrogen, 16 percent of oxygen and 4 percent of carbon dioxide, while the rest goes on other gases and water vapor.

5. Women on average breathe somewhat faster then men.

6. The scientists have discovered in 2015 that women respiratory muscles for breathing need more oxygen then the ones with men.

7. Plato has written that new born babes start their lives with breathe out, while Aristotle said that they start their lives by breathing in.

8. Most people’s bodies have smaller left lung then the right one due to the space that heart needs.

9. German breath diver Tom Zitas has set a world underwater breathing record in 2012 by keeping his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds.

10. People in general can keep their breath twice the time underwater then they can do on land.

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